Aeration and Seeding

Nurturing Lawns with Specialized Aeration & Seeding Services

We have always stressed just how important it is to aerate and seed your lawn. We also understand that it takes time that you may not have. In comes Delaware Valley Turf.

Our aeration and seeding services help you to achieve a thick, healthy, and most importantly, green lawn. Not to mention, our process is different than what you find with most lawn care companies. That’s because we know the three key benefits to aeration:

  1. Proper aeration helps open up your soil so that the roots of your grass receive the nutrients they need. Aerating also offers a better exchange of gases and oxygen to ensure the health of your roots.
  2. Soil compaction can significantly impact how your grass looks and grows. When aerating, our professionals help relieve compaction to minimize the risk of unhealthy soil that is unable to grow seeds and nourish your existing grass roots.
  3. Aeration also helps to open up the soil to better receive grass seeds for new growth. In other words, we create the perfect seedbed before we ever begin seeding.

Comprehensive Aeration & Seeding with Premium Products

When you enlist the services of Delaware Valley Turf, you are provided with options. After an initial consultation, our professionals will recommend the best course of action for treatment. If aeration is part of the package – and it surely should be – you’ll soon find that we introduce better turfgrass varieties to enhance the look and overall health of your lawn.

These varieties may include, but are not limited to:

  • Rebel Exeda – Tall Fescue
  • Monet Tall Fescue
  • Davinci Tall Fescue

Wouldn’t it be nice to pull into your driveway and find yourself admiring a lush, green lawn? If that’s not the case right now, then let Delaware Valley Turf change that.

Our aeration and seeding services are second to none.

When we say that our process is second to none, we mean it. Unlike most lawn care companies, Delaware Valley Turf aerates lawns in two directions, when needed. In addition, we don’t leave cores to fester on your lawn. Our specialists drag all cores with a harrow after aerating. This way, we can break up the cores brought to the surface and then bury seeds under the soil. We’ve found, after years of experience in the industry, that seeds buried under the soil are more likely to germinate. The end result is a thicker, healthier turf.

Our turf specialists will also determine if your lawn would benefit from dethatching or slit seeding. Thatch is a build-up of partially decomposed organic matter that sits on the surface of your soil. If excessive it can block precious nutrients, water, and air from getting down to the root system of your turf. Our dethatching service will remove this layer of thatch from your lawn, opening it up to the nutrients, water, and air that it’s been missing.

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Beyond aeration and seeding, you can also benefit from these lawn maintenance services from Delaware Valley Turf:


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