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A professional is fogging a landscape bed to repel and kill any mosquitos.

Pest Control Services in Wilmington, Doylestown, Bryn Mawr, & the Delaware Valley Area

We provide pest control treatments that target a wide range of invasive and stubborn pests.

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Pest Control Services in Wilmington, DE, Bryn Mawr & Wayne, PA & Surrounding Areas

A professional spraying plants and lawn to treat a pest invasion.

Our crew works to protect your property from pests like mosquitoes, fleas, ticks, chiggers, and more.

Pests can be relentless and difficult to eliminate once they've taken residence on your property. Luckily, pests are no match for our pest control treatments! Our team at Delaware Valley Turf provides reliable pest control services like perimeter pest control, mosquito control, flea and tick control, and chigger control. We use highly effective products and follow a meticulous process when applying our treatments to protect your property from invasive pests. Our team offers our pest control services to properties in Wilmington, DE, Bryn Mawr, Wayne, PA, and nearby areas.

  • Mosquito Control

    Our mosquito control service involves applying our treatments multiple times a year to eliminate mosquitoes from your property. We use our backpack foggers to treat your property for mosquitoes since they allow us to effectively target areas where mosquitoes like to hide. Our team also offers an organic treatment version that involves 8 treatments on a 3-week rotation.

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  • Flea & Tick Control

    We will keep your property free of fleas and ticks with our top-notch flea and tick control service. This service runs from spring to fall and involves treatments every 4 weeks. Our team knows which areas on your property to target to effectively tackle fleas and ticks hiding in your lawn and landscape beds. This means you can rest assured your property is well-protected from these invasive and harmful critters! We also use top-quality insecticides to protect your property from fleas and ticks.

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  • Perimeter Pest Control

    We offer a perimeter pest control service to keep invasive, creepy crawlers from entering your building. To do this, we follow a thorough process that involves spraying our treatments 3 feet up from the base of your building and 3 feet out onto your lawn. Doing this creates a protective shield that keeps pests outside, preventing them from making their way into your indoor space. When you sign up for this service, we will treat your property every 4 weeks from spring to fall to ensure there is no lapse in protection on your property. Our perimeter pest control treatments are pet-safe, too. After we apply our treatments, all you need to do is wait for the product to dry and your pets can use your lawn like normal again!

    Our perimeter pest control service targets pests like spiders, ants, flies, cockroaches, and more!

  • Chigger Control

    Chiggers can damage your lawn and cause itchy bites. If you have a chigger problem on your property, our crew will take care of it for you with our chigger control service. We will apply our highly effective treatments every 4 weeks, from spring to fall, to ensure your property remains chigger-free throughout the year!

  • Mosquito & Tick Control

    With our mosquito and tick control program, we'll ensure these biting pests don't cause problems on your property. This program includes six treatments every four weeks during the active pest season to provide consistent, overlapping protection, which we'll apply across your lawn and in your landscape beds. However, we also offer an organic program that entails eight treatments every three weeks to suit your preferences!

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All property owners want a property that they can enjoy without worrying about pests, their bites, the diseases they may transmit, and other headaches these critters can cause. If you want to keep your property pest-free, we're here to help. Our team at Delaware Valley Turf offers professional pest control services to properties in Wilmington, DE, Bryn Mawr, Wayne, PA and surrounding communities. Equipped with our skills, equipment, and 15 years of experience, you can count on our crew to protect your property from troublesome pests. Give us a call today at (610) 328-4170 to sign up for our pest control services!