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Mosquito biting a homeowner on the arm in Doylestown, PA.

Mosquito Control in Wilmington, Doylestown, Bryn Mawr, & the Delaware Valley Area

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Mosquito Control Service in Wilmington, DE, Doylestown, Bryn Mawr, PA & Surrounding Areas

We'll apply our mosquito control treatments monthly from spring until fall.

Mosquitoes are a nuisance, sucking the fun out of the outdoors and leaving itchy welts that you can't help but scratch. While being bitten by mosquitoes has become an inevitable downfall to being outside, you can say goodbye to these pesky bloodsuckers with our mosquito control service! We'll apply our highly effective treatments monthly, from spring until fall, around the perimeter of your building and in the landscape beds. Before long, these treatments will drastically reduce the existing population and repel any more from harboring on your property. However, that's not all - this service also includes a separate treatment to protect you from fleas and ticks! With us, you'll no longer have to worry about mosquitoes, fleas, or ticks pestering you, your loved ones, or even your pets.

We offer our mosquito control service to properties in Wilmington, DE, and in and around Doylestown and Bryn Mawr, PA. You can reach us at (610) 328-4170 to start enjoying the outdoors again without mosquitoes!

Our Mosquito Control Treatment Schedule

Two mosquitoes on a homeowner's arm in Malvern, PA.

Because mosquitoes are most active during the warmer weather, we've tailored our mosquito control treatment schedule to when you'll need the most protection. So, we'll begin treatments in the spring, reapplying once every month until the fall. That way, you have consistent, overlapping coverage throughout the mosquito season.

Where do we spray our mosquito control treatments?

We want to apply our mosquito control treatments to areas where mosquitoes are prone to harboring, as these spots provide optimal conditions for them to swarm, breed, and thrive. Therefore, we'll spray them in your landscape beds and around the perimeter of your building to drastically reduce any existing mosquitoes and repel any more from harboring.

Our Mosquito Control Service Also Includes Protection Against Fleas & Ticks

Flea found on a homeowner's arm in Wilmington, DE.

While the main objective of our mosquito control service is to eliminate mosquitoes from your property, we strive to go the extra mile and keep fleas and ticks away too! Fleas and ticks are predominantly active at similar times of the year as mosquitoes, so this service also includes a separate granular treatment for protection against these other pesky insects. We'll spread this treatment over your lawn during each visit to eradicate any existing fleas and ticks. But wait, there's more - each application will remain effective until the next, so you can rest easy knowing you're safe from them even in between treatments.

Our pest control treatments are safe once dry, so your family and pets can use the lawn after just one hour!

Want to enjoy the outdoors without mosquito bites? Sign up for our mosquito control service!

Mosquitoes are one of nature's most annoying insects, but our team at Delaware Valley Turf is here to make them a problem of the past! We have 15 years of experience controlling mosquitoes, and we've structured our treatment schedule to provide consistent coverage and protection when you need it most. We have also learned about their ideal harborage areas, and we'll target them specifically to give you the best results every time. You can trust that we'll do our job right so that you can reap the benefits of a mosquito-free property!

We offer our mosquito control service to property owners in Wilmington, DE, Doylestown, Bryn Mawr, and other nearby areas in Pennsylvania. Call us at (610) 328-4170 to sign up and start enjoying the outdoors without mosquito bites!