Even though it’s the middle of winter, that doesn’t mean you have to stop thinking about lawn care. Stocking up on lawn care tools, equipment, and products during the winter months means you’ll be ready in spring when everyone else is rushing to the hardware store. We’ve compiled a list of items everyone should have to keep their lawn looking its greenest.

Your Essential List of Lawn Care Tools


fertilizer in hand


This versatile product comes in a wide range with a series of three numbers like 15-6-4 or 20-0-6. These numbers represent, in order, the ratio of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium in each mix. Not all fertilizers are created equal. Make sure to read the labels or ask your lawn care professional which mixture is best suited for your lawn.

Weed and Feed

Knock out weeds while fertilizing your lawn! This is one of the best lawn care products out there, as it lets you kill two birds with one stone.


Get rid of grubs and other annoying bugs before they infest your lawn.


Fungi are a tricky foe because you may not realize you have a problem until it’s rampant. Luckily, scientists have developed fungicides to keep your trees and shrubs safe from mildew, mold, and scale.

Grass Seed

Every lawn needs a boost now and then. Laying down some grass seed every spring will help prevent bare patches, keep grass thick, and prevent weeds. When grass is healthy and thick, the weeds living just beneath the soil’s surface can’t get the direct sunlight they need to take root.


Your lawn won’t necessarily need this every year, but it’s good to have on hand. As mentioned above, you should fertilize your lawn every year. You should also check the pH balance of the soil. If the acidity is too high, your lawn won’t be receptive to fertilizer now matter how much you use. A dose of lime will easily correct the pH balance and get your grass back on track.

Pest Control

When you think of “pests,” you might think only in terms of insects. While there are many mosquito and other insect control products out there, you can also prevent unwanted visitors of the furry and feathered kind. Rodent repellent is great at keeping groundhogs, rabbits, and squirrels away. We don’t need to tell you how irritating these critters can be. Even if you’ve never had a vegetable garden, they can easily destroy flower beds and leave unsightly burrows in your lawn that creates uneven areas and ruins the view. You can also repel Canada geese with repellent. While these birds may not dig into your lawn, they will leave a minefield of poop in your lawn that you’re sure to discover when you run over it with the mower. Repellent is one of the best do it yourself lawn care products you can have in your arsenal.


Walk spreader

Backpack Sprayer

This product is exactly what it sounds like: a wearable canister for hauling insecticide, fungicide, or herbicide around while you spray your garden and lawn. It’s great for keeping your hands free and avoids accidental skin contact with chemicals.

Walk Spreader

To ensure an even distribution of nutrients, dump a bag of weed and feed or fertilizer into a walk spreader and, well, start walking! Wheels within the bin will sprinkle an even layer, so you don’t have uneven grass growth.


Loppers are perhaps the best lawn care tool. They do the same tasks pruning shears can while also enabling you to reach high-up branches on trees. Because of their long arms, they allow you to have more force behind the trim as well so you can cut through thicker branches.


Make sure you have a good wide rake so you can move the most leaves in the fewest movements. A 24-inch rake is a good size to aim for. Also, consider investing in a thatch rake if you want to give your lawn a boost in the spring.


Nothing slows down yard work like a nasty blister. Garden gloves protect against these annoying spots and, in general, keep your skin away from chemicals, bug bites, or pokey branches, twigs, and thorns.


Save your knees with a solid pad. Your future self will thank you.


Not the wide-mouthed snow-shoveling kind (though these are good if you live in colder climates). A good shovel is always useful for moving mulch, digging holes, or breaking up chunks of compacted dirt you find while gardening.

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