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Our Lawn Care Program typically includes multiple fertilization and weed control applications to promote a thick, healthy, green lawn. However, lawn care programs differ based on lawn needs, environmental challenges, and customer expectations. Thus, we first evaluate each lawn to provide our customers with a custom proposal and plan of action. Once a lawn care program has begun, our highly educated turf managers monitor the lawn throughout the season in an effort to improve soil nutrition, eradicate weeds and pests, and provide a personalized experience for the customer.

It’s no secret that lawns need nutrients to thrive, but many homeowners are not sure how to treat and nurture their green spaces.

We do. Our turf specialists, with their degrees and certifications in turfgrass science, turfgrass management, agronomy, and more, have the know-how to diagnose and solve any turf problem.

In fact, our specialized fertilizing and weed control program gives your lawn the jumpstart it needs. Here’s How:

Fertilizing with a Side of Personalized Service

When you choose Delaware Valley Turf to fertilize and offer weed control services, you’re not only getting the expertise and talents of our trained staff, but will also get our premium customer service.

We will begin by discussing the concerns you may have with the condition of your lawn and come up with a plan of action. Once you decide to partner with us, we will test your soil with the help of Penn State University professionals. The report provides us with the information we need to better treat your lawn.

Customizing Treatment Plans

For most customers, the soil testing results reveal that only six simple treatments are necessary throughout the year.

These treatments include the use of granular fertilizer, as well as a liquid weed control application. We spot treat for weeds and only treat for pests when necessary to avoid overloading your lawn with unnecessary pesticides. We even offer organic based lawn care products! Typically, our specialists recommend treatment every four to five weeks from March through November.

In addition, it may be necessary to customize your treatment plan to tackle specific areas of your lawn with damaged grass roots or soil problems.

These treatments may include, but are not limited, to:

Lime application icon

Lime Application

Gypsum icon

Gypsum Application

Grub prevention icon

Grub Prevention

Curative application icon

Curative Application

Summer insect control icon

Summer Insect Control
(flea & tick)

Fungicide program icon

Fungicide Programs

Dethatching icon


aeration & seeding icon

Aeration and Seeding

Do You Need Weed Control Treatments?

Beyond ridding your green spaces of unsightly weeds, weed control is also beneficial for the health of your lawn. When treating for weeds, you’ll find that Delaware Valley Turf’s products and applications help to do more than just rid your yard of weeds.

Weed control is also beneficial because it …

  • Reduces the risk of germination of weeds buried deep in the soil
  • Saves you from having to spend time pulling or digging weeds
  • Maximizes nourishment of your greenery’s roots because there is less soil disturbance

Beautifying Green Spaces One Lawn at a Time

When you choose Delaware Valley Turf, you will not only experience our premium customer service, but also the specialized services that can be catered to meet your needs and the needs of your green spaces. Beyond fertilizing and weed control, you can also nourish your lawn and the exterior of your home with our additional services.

We are happy to tend to your residential and commercial lawn care needs with the following services:

  • Aeration and Overseeding
  • Mosquito and Tick Control
  • Flea Control
  • Grub and Pest Control
  • Fertilizing and Weed Control

We also have premium lawn care products available in our Broomall retail store.


Once we receive your information, a manager will personally evaluate your property in order to provide you with the best recommended program and service to fit your needs.


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