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Grubs and other turf pests such as chinch bugs can quickly turn even the healthiest lawns and athletic fields into a disheveled mess. In Pennsylvania and Delaware, these creatures can wreak havoc as early as late spring, though most damage is done between late summer and early fall in our area. That’s why Delaware Valley Turf offers comprehensive preventive and curative grub and pest control to protect your lawn and green spaces from infestations and future damage.

Say Goodbye to Pests

No one wants pests around — especially when entertaining outdoors. The professionals at Delaware Valley Turf also specialize in mosquito control, tick and flea control, and home perimeter pest control. Let Delaware Valley Turf turn your entertaining dream into a reality.

How Do Grubs and Pests Damage Green Spaces?

Delaware Valley Turf’s service area is often plagued primarily with grub worms or white grubs. However, since we live in this community too, we understand the damage they can cause. Our services are catered to what your lawn needs - and since we are your neighbors - we can pinpoint the problem and provide treatments to eradicate the problem.

So, what are lawn grubs?

More commonly known as white grubs, lawn grubs are the immature form of Japanese Beetles that have white, soft bodies that curl into the shape of a C. These creatures love to make a meal out of your grass roots and as a result, when they consume the organic matter in your lawn’s soil, they rob your roots of nutrients. This ultimately causes patches of your grass to die.

Tackling the Pest Problem with Premium Treatments

It’s time to take action if grubs and pests have made their home in your trees, landscaping, shrubs, and grass. Delaware Valley Turf is ready to serve.

We know that peak feeding season for grubs and worms is around the fall each year, so we prioritize preventative measures during the summer to protect your green spaces before grubs attempt to attack and infest.

If you’ve noticed that grub damage has already occurred, we can take action with a curative application and a follow-up to determine if your lawn needs added nutrients to prevent grubs and pest from infesting each year.


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