Athletic Field Maintenance

Delaware Valley Turf helps schools, townships, universities and athletic associations with their athletic field maintenance issues in Delaware County and Chester County and Montgomery County PA.

Our staff of professionals

will work with you to develop an annual turf management program, or simply handle a short term trouble-shooting problem. Our sports turf team knows that you need your fields to look good, be durable, and also safe and playable. Delaware Valley turf delivers an integrated solution to keep your fields in tip-top shape. We are member of the PA chapter of Sports Turf Managers of America, KAFMO.

As a turf management company we know that a great athletic field starts from the soil up. We will test your soil and create a plan to manage the issues of your specific turf. Our goal is to provide long-lasting playable surfaces the you need for sporting events.

Athletic Field Services and Details

  • Customized Soil Fertility Programs through Penn State University’s Agricultural Analytical Lab in University Park, PA
  • Weed Control – Effective control through cultural practices will naturally reduce herbicide usage.
  • Insect Control – Monitoring and Scouting for insect pests are important throughout the year and can eliminate costly damage.
  • Disease Control – Reduced disease damage through cultural practices, maintenance and water management.
  • Aeration & Seeding, Slit Seeding and Overseeding. All athletic fields will undergo significant damage throughout the season. In order to repair these damaged areas, the soil should be loosened and seeded or overseeded.
  • Topdressing – We can topdress with soil or organic amendments depending upon soil characteristics. Topdressing preserves crown hydration over winter and levels out playing surface.

Delaware Valley Turf will tailor a program to fit your needs.

Contact us directly:, 610-328-4170 or use our form on our Contact Us page.

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