New Hope, PA

Delaware Valley Turf Proudly Serves New Hope, PA

Running alongside the Delaware River sits a stunning town called New Hope. This picturesque town is not only wrapped in beauty, it is an up-and-coming neighborhood. An array of upscale restaurants, bars, and other establishments have turned this small town into a vibrant, urban destination.

Serving the residents and businesses of New Hope for over 15 years, Delaware Valley Turf helps maintain this town’s charm by helping to keep the landscapes groomed and well-manicured.

Customized Lawn Care Programs for Your New Hope Lawn

We know that different properties within New Hope have different needs. That’s why we offer customized lawn care plans that fit the needs of your property. Once a plan has begun, our highly educated technicians monitor your New Hope lawn throughout the season. Every lawn care program we devise includes multiple fertilization and weed control applications, with the primary goal being to create and maintain a healthy, thick, weed-free lawn.

Due to our hot and humid summers and cool winters, New Hope, PA, has a variety of common weeds we look out for. Some of them include:

  • Oxalis
  • Black Medic
  • Nutsedge
  • Plantain
  • Dandelion
  • Henbit
  • Crabgrass
  • Shepherd’s Purse
  • Groundsel
  • Common Chickweed

    Effective Weed Control

    Investing in a lawn maintenance plan will help your lawn remain healthy and disease-free and will even help control future weeds. Weed control is included in each of our lawn programs. Aside from ridding your grass from unsightly weeds, it is beneficial to our turf in many ways.

  • Weed control helps to reduce the risk of germination of weeds buried deep in the soil
  • You won’t have to pull or dig up weeds
  • It maximizes nourishment of your lawn’s roots due to less soil disturbance
  • Contact Delaware Valley Turf and set up your lawn evaluation and analysis today.

    Stop Pests Such As Grubs From Ruining Your New Hope Lawn

    What else can turn a great-looking landscape into a disaster? Pests. Grubs and other turf pests such as chinch bugs or sod webworms are a nuisance and can turn the healthiest lawn into a disaster. Pests have no place in your New Hope home or business property’s lawn. Delaware Valley Turf can help you say goodbye to lawn pests. We specialize in comprehensive preventive and curative grub and pest control to stop these pests in their tracks and prevent future damage.

    We also have other pest control services for your New Hope property, including home perimeter pest control, mosquito control, and flea and tick control. Learn more by visiting our Mosquito and Tick Control page or by contacting us now.

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