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All Route Managers are PA & DE Certified Pesticide Applicators.

Our Customers Say

  • Andy N.
    Excellent company to work with. We have been using them for many years and they keep our lawn looking great. They are always pleasant to work with and very responsive whenever we have had any problems with our lawn. They do a great job and we have recommended them to many of our friends.
    Andy N.
    Homeowner in Bryn Mawr, PA
  • Allison K.
    We were referred to Delaware Valley Turf and I couldn't be happier with the decision to use them. The first time I called them the man who I spoke to was incredibly helpful with explaining what the 6-step process is, and he answered all of my questions. I booked our first application for the next day and someone was there at 8am. He worked the yard with great attention and spent about 10 minutes with me in reviewing what he did and answering more of my questions (we're new to the suburbs!). He left a detailed summary of what he did that day along with the invoice. It has been a great experience so far and we look forward to continuing to use Delaware Valley Turf. Our lawn looks better already.
    Allison K.
    Homeowner in Wayne, PA
  • Norm F.
    The pros at Del Val Turf are experts and care about your grass. Sounds crazy but that's what they do! Get rid of green lawn or any of the chain yard services. These guys are our neighbors and should be your "yard guys". Best I have had.
    Norm F.
    Homeowner in Berwyn, PA
  • Susan P.
    Our lawn was a MESS from previous companies who didn’t know what they were doing - we had grubs, crabgrass, weeds galore - you name it! Delaware Valley Turf took over last Spring and by the end of the summer we could already see a noticeable difference in the quality of our lawn. We’re looking forward to having Delaware Valley Turf continue to manage our lawn care for many years to come. Thank you!
    Susan P.
    Homeowner in Glen Mills, PA
  • Amy G.
    We are VERY green, eco-minded people, and were agonizing over the decision to use a lawn service, but the lesser celandine was taking over, and we had to do something. We gave Delaware Valley Turf a try, and are amazed on two points: 1) the lawn actually looks much better after just three seasons with them; and 2) whatever they are putting on the lawn, it isn't hurting the bunnies, who continue to eat our clover and other things every evening! On top of all that, they are prompt, professional and courteous. Unlike every other lawn professional, I've ever used, they show up when they promise to; they don't destroy anything on my patio or hurt ornamental trees and plantings; and they are cheerful when you call them. Bravo, Delaware Valley Turf! We're looking forward to seeing you again in the spring!
    Amy G.
    Homeowner in Malvern, PA
  • William T.
    We built a new home last year and found that the lawn seemed to have been planted in crab grass. Having read good things about Delaware Valley Turf we had them give us a plan to bring our lawn up to our expectations and a quote for the work. We were pleased with the thoroughness of the plan, their explanation of what things were critical vs. desirable, their quote for the work to be done, and, after the work had been done, the quality of that work. We are well on our way to a beautiful lawn without weeds and with healthy grass and have been so pleased that we contracted with them for the coming year's lawn care.
    William T.
    Homeowner in Chadds Ford, PA
  • Tom D.
    Prompt, professional, and transparent. Lawn looks better than ever. We've got unsolicited compliments. Sell you what you need. Tells you no you don't need that, when they easily could have sold me.
    Tom D.
    Homeowner in Haverford, PA
  • Jed. L
    After years of buying and spreading fertilizer and weed preventer myself, I hired Delaware Valley Turf four years ago after seeing the results they achieved on my next door neighbor’s lawn. While Gus was playing golf, I was playing a battle with weeds 4-5 times a season. Before hiring them though, I did my research... just as I had on all the other turf care companies, mostly franchises, that have wanted my 1+ acre business for years. Delaware Valley’s owners are local, Penn State educated with years of experience in turf management— including golf courses. Their technicians are efficient and knowledgeable, and, in the end, the results are obvious. I have been very pleased and was more than happy to recommend them to my other neighbor, Steve, last year!
    Jed. L
    Homeowner in West Chester, PA
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