Campus Lawn Maintenance

In conjunction with our Lawn Care and Athletic field Maintenance divisions, Delaware Valley Turf also serves local universities & colleges, Del val turf campus lawn care trucksmunicipalities, housing developments, places of worship, and businesses as well as their adjacent campus or complex. As with any other custom program we offer, we are able to analyze, plan and implement a fertility and weed/pest control program that caters to our customer’s schedule and provide the aesthetic appeal, and functionality desired.

Typically the biggest obstacle facilities and grounds managers face when planning fertilizer and weed and pest control is timing. With Delaware Valley Turf, we are able to alleviate the timing issue by making treatments around the operating hours of our customer’s business to avoid interaction between students and or employees. Additionally, we work hand in hand with housing development managers to find optimum timing for each treatment.

In conclusion, we are able to provide our professional services as well as the peace of mind that treatments can be made without disruption.