Turf diseases are common in Delaware and Pennsylvania, so you want to ensure your lawn is well-protected against them. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to boost its health and help keep it strong against fungal infections. First, you want to regularly fertilize your grass so it has enough supply of vital nutrients, like nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, to stay vigorous and resilient. You also want to administer pre- and post-emergent weed control treatments to keep it free of invasive weeds that will steal the nutrients for themselves. Finally, investing in preventative lawn disease control treatments will keep turf diseases from developing on your lawn in the first place!

Regular lawn fertilization treatments will keep your grass healthy and resilient to diseases.

Regular lawn fertilization treatments are an effective way to protect your grass from lawn diseases. Fertilizing multiple times a year enriches your grass with vital nutrients that bolster its health, building up its strength and resilience against fungal infections and other stressors. You can get the best results by fertilizing it from spring to fall so that it has consistent nourishment throughout the growing season. Here's what your lawn will get from fertilizers and how they help protect it from turf diseases:

  • Nitrogen promotes chlorophyll production, which gives your grass its green color and aids in photosynthesis, where it turns sunlight into food. This nutrient encourages a dense, robust lawn with heightened defenses against stressors like lawn diseases.
  • Phosphorus is the nutrient that helps with the development of strong, deep roots, which support your lawn's growth and overall health throughout the year.
  • Potassium thickens your lawn's cell walls, fortifying its resilience so it can fend off diseases and other stressful conditions, like weeds, pests, and drought.

Weed control treatments will keep weeds away so your grass can maximize nutrients.



While it's important to nourish your lawn throughout the year with fertilizers to keep it strong against turf diseases, you should also ensure there are no weeds that will steal those nutrients. Weeds are relentless and opportunistic, so you need to regularly apply pre- and post-emergent weed control treatments. Pre-emergent treatments prevent weeds from growing by coating the soil, which will stop their development from advancing when they come into contact with this barrier. This means weeds can't access the resources they need, keeping them from becoming an issue.

Meanwhile, post-emergent treatments will target any existing weeds on your lawn by effectively eliminating them! By combining pre- and post-emergent weed control, your grass will have no competition for vital nutrients, meaning it can maximize them and become stronger and more capable of withstanding turf diseases.

Take advantage of preventative treatments to protect your lawn from turf diseases.

Aside from maintaining your lawn's optimum health, the one thing you should take advantage of is preventative lawn disease control treatments. These treatments are designed to keep fungus from developing into a full-blown disease. By applying preventative treatments, your lawn will have another layer of protection against a wide range of turf diseases, like dollar spot, brown patch, and red thread. That way, these infections don't have a chance to cause problems in the first place!

If you skip preventative lawn disease control treatments, your grass can become infected, which requires more money, time, and effort to eliminate and help it recover!

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