The summer heat in Delaware and Pennsylvania will place extra stress on your lawn, but you can help it survive the heat by fertilizing it two times during this season: once during early summer and once during mid-to-late summer. A fertilizer application between May and June will replenish your lawn's nutrient supply to prepare for the summer ahead. A fertilizer application between July and August will help carry your lawn through the rest of the summer season. However, to ensure your lawn can benefit from the fertilizer applications, don't forget to pair them with weed control treatments! By utilizing weed control treatments in conjunction with summer fertilization treatments, you can prevent weeds from stealing the nutrients from the fertilizer treatments for themselves!

Fertilize your lawn once in early summer to help prepare it for the upcoming heat.

To prepare your lawn for the upcoming summer heat, you should fertilize it once at the beginning of the summer season, around Mar or June. Fertilizing your lawn in early summer will replenish it with the nutrients required for it to thrive throughout the hottest months of the year. This application is crucial because your lawn has absorbed many nutrients in the spring to help it recover from winter and will now require replenishment of those nutrients to ensure it's better equipped for the stress summer will cause. Fertilizing your lawn at this time will help strengthen it so that it will be able to endure the high temperatures ahead.

Fertilize your lawn once in mid-to-late summer to help it endure the stress that high temperatures cause.

While an early summer fertilization treatment is crucial to help your lawn endure the high temperatures, those nutrients will only last so long. As the summer season rolls on, you'll want to replenish your turf's nutrient supply again in mid-to-late summer. An application between July and August will carry it through the rest of the summer season and help it deal with the summer stress, such as high temperatures and drought.

Pair summer fertilizer applications with weed control treatments to prevent weeds from stealing nutrients.

Weed control treatment being applied to a dandelion in Wilmington, DE.

Fertilizing during the summer provides your lawn with many benefits, but if you don't pair fertilization treatments with weed control, your lawn might not be able to reap those benefits! That's because weeds will steal the nutrients from the fertilizer treatments for themselves, causing the weeds to get stronger while your lawn gets weaker. By pairing your summer fertilizer treatments with weed control treatments, your grass will have full access to all of the nutrients it needs to make it through the summer season!

Always combine summer fertilizer treatments with weed control treatments so that weeds won't be able to steal nutrients from the fertilizer treatments.

Our lawn fertilization service includes two treatments in the summer to help your lawn survive the heat. Give us a call to sign up!

At Delaware Valley Turf, we know the heat of summer can be intense, but your lawn shouldn't have to suffer. When you sign up for our lawn fertilization service, we will fertilize your lawn once in early summer to strengthen and prepare it for the high temperatures ahead and once again in mid-to-late summer to provide it with the nutrients it needs to get through the end of the summer. In addition to these two summer treatments, we will also apply additional fertilization treatments, as well as weed control treatments, throughout the growing season to help your lawn reach its full potential.

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