Core aeration is a lawn care service that involves removing cores of soil from the ground to alleviate compaction and make it easier for water, air, and nutrients to reach the roots of your grass. It's designed to help your turf become stronger and more resilient against stressors like pests and diseases. In Delaware and Pennsylvania, you should schedule this service in the fall because the cooler temperatures will allow your lawn to endure the process without causing too much stress. You should also perform core aeration annually as part of your regular maintenance routine so that your lawn always has access to everything it needs to thrive.

What is core aeration and how does it benefit your lawn?

Core aeration is a process where professionals use an aerator machine to remove small "cores" of soil from the ground. This process is performed to address soil compaction, which happens when the top layer of your lawn becomes compacted and can no longer absorb nutrients and resources like water and sunlight effectively. When this happens, your turf will struggle to grow strong and healthy. Core aeration is designed to remedy compaction by creating passageways in the ground that allow essential resources to easily reach the roots of your grass. With improved access to vital resources, your lawn can develop deeper root systems and be better equipped to withstand various stressors.

The cores of soil left on your lawn after core aeration are filled with nutrients and organic matter and will eventually decompose into your soil!

When should core aeration be scheduled?

To ensure your lawn can successfully endure the core aeration process, you should schedule this service during the right season. Here in Delaware and Pennsylvania, we have cool-season grass, which means it grows best during the spring and fall seasons. During these times, the weather conditions are ideal for your grass and it won't experience any major stress during the core aeration process. However, you should opt for fall core aeration over spring because the temperatures are usually mild enough to not cause significant stress to your grass and they won't be exposed to the hot summer temperatures right away like they would if your lawn is aerated in the spring. Also, performing core aeration early in the fall allows your lawn to recover before winter sets in.

You Should Schedule a Core Aeration Service Annually

Because soil compaction occurs naturally over time due to foot traffic, rain, and other factors, it's crucial to break up the compacted soil every year. That's why you should schedule a core aeration service annually as part of your regular lawn care routine. If you skip this service even once, your soil can become compacted again, and your grass might not be able to access the resources it needs to grow strong and stay healthy. By consistently aerating your lawn, you can rest assured that it has optimal access to everything it needs to flourish.

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If you want to have your lawn aerated so the roots of your grass can access everything they need to thrive, you've come to the right place! At Delaware Valley Turf, we offer our core aeration service in the spring and fall to help prevent soil compaction in your lawn. We recommend scheduling this service annually to keep your turf healthy and growing strong. Our crew has been providing exceptional lawn care services since 2008, so you can trust that we know how to properly core aerate your lawn. We offer our services to property owners in Wilmington, DE, as well as areas in Pennsylvania, such as Doylestown and Bryn Mawr. Call us at (610) 328-4170 to sign up for our core aeration service today!