While most property owners tend to have a mindset where they think, “I will take care of my spring lawn in the spring,” the best way to create the warm-weather season is to plan! To ensure that each person gets the lawn they desire, the most important fall service to focus on is aeration and overseeding. If you don’t know much about it, follow along to understand why it can make or break your turf.

What is Aeration and When Should You Do It?

aeration machine

Essentially, the process of aeration is digging holes into the soil of your lawn. This will allow soil that has tightened together over time to loosen and create space for airflow, nutrients, water, and fertilizer to make their way throughout the depths of your soil, allowing for better health throughout the entire turf. The holes are generally one to six inches deep, depending on how compact your soil is. This leads us to the main and most common reason that your turf needs to be aerated. Soil can usually become compact from general wear and tear of lawn usage. If your lawn is personal property, compact soil can come from playing on the lawn, kids running, pets having fun, and many other common reasons. If any of this sounds familiar to you, it is pretty likely that you will need your lawn aerated.

Overseeding: When and Why?

grass overseeding

When you overseed, you are essentially planting grass seed into turf that already exists to fill in patchy spots, help it grow more fully, or even to create a better color – you know that deep green lawn look that most people are always striving for. This process generally occurs after aeration, but it can be done without it. However, unless your turf and soil is entirely healthy and prepped, it’s unlikely that overseeding will have as high of an effect alone as it will when it takes place after aeration.

Think Your Turf Needs Aerating or Overseeding? Call Us Today!

Delaware Valley Turf and all of our service professionals are fully trained and completely equipped with the knowledge and resources to properly aerate and overseed your turf, or even just one or the other! With Delaware Valley Turf as your lawn care company, you can be sure you will have loose, healthy soil in no time, with some seed to encourage growth.

When you’re getting ready for the fall season, be sure to give Delaware Valley a call to ensure turf is properly prepared to withstand the cool weather. You can reach us on our contact page, by phone at (610) 328-4170, or even get to know us a little more by checking our Facebook page.