West Chester & Glen Mills PA Area Lawn Care

Delaware Valley Turf has been working in the West Chester and Glen Mills area of PA since 2005. We understand the lawn care needs and and turfgrass strengths and challenges in each neighborhood, such as:

– Newly constructed develompents and the subsoil used for residential lawns in the West Goshen, Glen Mills and Garnet Valley; the problems that the subsoil promotes and the solutions for rectifying the poor conditions .

– Invasion of Japanese Stiltgrass and Barnyard grass in properties bordering wooded lots in West Chester and the surrounding areas, primarily due from foraging deer.

– Acidic soils in the Garnet Valley Area.

-Shallow soils in the Lenni and Aston area.

We take the time each visit to understand the property and its conditions. We identify areas or conditions that could present problems or is currently under attack. Our approach is simple; use the most advanced products and monitor the property throughout the season for problems.

Who We Are? Delaware Valley Turf is a locally owned and operated company that formed when two smaller companies merged.  We are all born and raised in the Delaware Valley. All employees have a formal education (B.S. or Associates) from a university in Turfgrass Science, Agronomy or Soil Science. Additionally, we all have backgrounds in golf course or athletic field management.

What We Do? Delaware Valley Turf is a lawn care company and wholesale distributor of turfgrass seed and management products. In addition to Fertilizing & Weed Control, Aeration & Seeding, and Grub & Pest Control for your lawn, our Lawn Care Store in Broomall, PA sells products to DIY home owners, and to professional landscapers, lawn care companies, municipal and county agencies and golf courses.

Where We Work? Our warehouse location is in Broomall, PA, but we help customers with their lawn care needs all over the Delaware Valley and serve a number of customers in both West Chester PA and and in Glen Mills .

How We Are Different? Our focus is the growth and management of turfgrass on properties in the Delaware Valley. We provide our clients with the knowledge and customer service they require. You can expect honest evaluations and solutions. You can also expect to talk to a manager not a secretary. And finally, you can expect the use of the finest products in the most environmentally responsible manner.