Let’s face it, Philadelphia area summers are hot and humid and tough on everyone. Fortunately, many of us are able to escape the heat and everyday stresses of life and enjoy a nice break down the shore or even in the Poconos. Unfortunately, for everyone out there who desires a thick healthy lawn in our area, your grass does not get that same break. So, you have to take it upon yourself to help your grass get through July and August. Here is a list of some common turf management practices to consider during the summer heat:


  • Mow your lawn at an appropriate height to avoid injury. We recommend mowing at 3.5 to 4 inches especially during heat/drought stress
  • Never let the grass get to long between cuts. During summer, mow about every ten days or so. Do not cut more then a third of the grass blade off at a time
  • Make sure all blades are sharp to avoid injury and further stress.
  • Avoid mowing during the hottest time of day if possible


  • Water your lawn deeply and infrequently! Remember, to much water can bring on disease and leave your lawn in a worse state then before
    • When watering a dry lawn your goal is to soak the soil and allow a few days for drying and then repeat. Not to just wet the grass
    • .5 to .75 inch of water twice a week (every 3-4 days) is ideal during the summer in our area
    • Pay attention to rain. Sometimes our summer thunderstorms provide enough soil moisture for days
  • Water during the morning (between 5-9 AM) to prevent extended periods of leaf moisture. Extended periods of leaf moisture combined with high temperatures and humidity are a recipe for disease