Doylestown, PA

Delaware Valley Turf Proudly Serves Doylestown, PA

Since the early 2000s, Delaware Valley Turf has been providing lawn care services to the residences and businesses of Doylestown. We want nothing but the best for the fine folks of Doylestown and offer a variety of services, including a customized lawn care program, aeration and seeding, grub and pest control, mosquito and tick control, and weed and disease control.

Doylestown is a complex mix of modern-day society and 19th-century folklore. Our thriving downtown is full of upscale restaurants and unique specialty shops while residing in the same town as early 19th century castles and masterpiece paintings on display at our local museums.

This upscale neighborhood, historic buildings, and precious artwork deserve to be protected from irritating, disease-carrying insects. At Delaware Valley Turf, we want to protect you and your home or business from the annoyance of mosquitoes and ticks. That's why we offer Doylestown a highly effective mosquito, flea, and tick control.

Take Back Your Doylestown Yard!

Mosquitoes are annoying, blood-thirsty creatures waiting to jump on the next unexpecting human. They carry the West Nile virus, the Zika virus, and various other diseases that impact both you and your pets. Ticks also carry harmful diseases, including Lyme disease, which is highly prevalent in Pennsylvania and Delaware.

Our mosquito and tick control offers an effective way to prevent and control these parasitic creatures from ruining your backyard fun. Learn more on our Mosquito and Tick Page, or contact us here and talk with one of our knowledgeable and experienced staff members now.


Lawn Damaging Grubs

Here in Doylestown and the surrounding area, we are infested with these tiny white critters called grubs. The immature form of Japanese Beetles, grubs look like white worms curled into a C shape. In the spring, they lay their eggs in your lawn and bury them deep beneath the soil surface. When the eggs hatch, these hungry insects tunnel just below the surface and feed on your lawn's roots.

A massive infestation of these underground pests can cause large areas of unsightly brown patches, soft spongy turf, and wilting grass. Grubs can also lead to turf damage caused by small and medium-sized animals, like skunks, raccoons, and moles. In just a short amount of time, an infestation of grubs can often result in a costly and time-consuming lawn renovation.

Stop Grubs From Damaging Your Doylestown Property Today

Allow Delaware Valley Turf to protect your Doylestown property from grubs. We prioritize preventive measures in the summer to help prevent them from attacking your turf with our premium, high-quality grub control preventive. If grub damage has already occurred, we can take action with a curative application and a follow-up to determine if your lawn requires added nutrients to prevent grubs from returning the next year. Contact us and take action today.

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