The 2016 seed harvest was very productive. One of the things we learned about on our Oregon trip was that seed harvested the season prior, typically around Early to Mid July will have a better germination percentage then seed harvested in the same year. The reason is that seed harvested in the current season has a slight amount of moisture in it’s ┬áseed shell. This moisture is actually an evolutionary protection mechanism to keep the plant from germinating immediately upon harvest. If the seed did not have this moisture it would germinate upon harvest (think mid summer heat) and some seed would actually germinate in the summer months when the conditions are the least favorable conditions for establishment. Seed that dries for a year is therefore most able to adsorb moisture and this allows the plant to establish. If you look closely at the picture, you will see a seed mower at work in the Williamette Valley of Oregon.

This is the seed that we now have in stock; Some of the finest varieties of turfgrasses for lawns.