Mosquitoes are becoming a big issue. Not only because of the inconvenience that they bring when trying to enjoy a nice night outside during the summer, but now there have been several cases of West Nile Virus infected mosquitos in Pennsylvania. Knowing that there are theses infected mosquitos out there makes it more concerning when it comes to enjoying the summer time. There are steps that you can take to help eliminate and control mosquitos on your property.

When it comes to laying eggs mosquitoes like standing water and sometimes you might not even know they are there. To prevent them from laying eggs, always make sure that anything that can hold water gets emptied out when not being used. If you have kids and they have toys in the backyard, make sure that they are all clean before they play with them. One of the biggest issues with kid’s toys are that after it rains, water will accumulate in some toys and make the standing water that the mosquitos like to lay their eggs. There are many other places that mosquitoes are able to breed such as storm drains, clogged gutters, window wells, uncovered containers, leaky faucets, garden ponds, swimming pools, tires, and birdbaths.

We here at Delaware Valley Turf offer mosquito control applications. It is a four-step spray application that we do every 45-60 days to help eliminate them from the property. The application is applied to bushes, shrubs, and trees around the house and lining the property. When we come out to complete the application we use a fogging machine to make sure that all the plants are evenly treated for best results. On some properties where there is a pond or water basin, we will use a water-soluble pouch that we throw in to eliminate and prevent any larva that may be in there.