Coming out of a hot and humid summer like we have been having is a big relief on turf, especially when seeding. Having cooler night time temperatures will help with seed germination. If you are planning on seeding this year then you can start seeding now. The temperatures will be down in the low 70’s and high 60’s which are great conditions when trying to establish new seed. With the temperatures steadying out overnight and the humidity dropping this will allow for summer annual broad leaf weeds to slow down their growth. Since they will not have the high temperatures that they need.

When it comes to seeding bare areas, it is important to make sure either penn mulch or straw is used to help keep moisture with the seed. Watering newly seeded areas is extremely important. We recommend watering any newly seeded area at least 2 times per day for at least 2 weeks. This will give the best conditions for the seed to germinate and survive going into the winter months. After the seed has been planted a starter fertilizer is recommend giving the seeds a jump start on their way to germinating.

Aeration and seeding are a big part of getting your lawn ready for next year when it comes out of dormancy from the winter months. Seed to Soil contact is vital in the establishment of turf. By dragging the cores, we are breaking up the plugs that are at the surface and distributing that back into the holes to make sure that soil gets on top of the seed inside. Also, when it comes to dragging cores when they are broken up it helps with the compaction of the soil and helps with air and water circulation in the soil.