So, most of us know that the fall is the best time to aerate and seed your lawn, right? Of course, we do, and that is because you can establish new grass seed without the worry of it dying out shortly after in the summer heat like with spring seedings. In September and October, we generally have much more desirable weather for seed germination. The mild temperatures and seemingly more rain will sometimes make for easy seed establishment (so far not this year).

This fall however, has presented its own challenges for those of us trying to improve our lawns via aeration, dethatching and seeding. Surely, I’m talking about the dry weather. It is almost hard to believe that most of us have not seen a traceable amount of rain since September 6th. That was a month ago! In aeration and seeding season nonetheless. Additionally, there is no rain in our forecast until the second week of October. The point is ole mother nature is not helping us out.

So, if you plan on aerating and seeding this fall, it will be more crucial than ever to make sure your lawn is receiving adequate moisture. In fact, we would recommend watering (soaking) your lawn a day or two prior to aerating and seeding to better help pull plugs and create a desirable seedbed. Following seeding, the lawn or areas of highest priority should be watered twice daily keeping seed wet throughout the day and night for about a week or two. At this point in the year, and considering dry conditions, these steps will likely be a necessity to establishing new seed. Responsible watering is the best way to protect the time and money invested in your lawn. Otherwise you might as well be throwing your money away.